Are there fake steroids on the internet?

Yes, there are an enormous number of fake steroids on the market, obviously on the internet but also in gyms. It’s a huge market, continually evolving. Fake steroids are used by thousands of athletes without their knowledge. Some of these steroids can contain impurities which cause infections or disease. There are other types of fake steroids which only contain inert ingredients which obviously will provide no muscle gain. Fake steroids are a serious risk for athletes. Always distrust prices that are too low, since materials and fabrication are expensive, even for large scale production facilities.
Distrust poorly developed web sites. There are plenty of sites only out for maximum profit and which buy and sell fake steroids (or those with diluted doses) even without knowing it themselves.
With steroids or hormones, there is an expiration date and a batch number. For a legitimate batch, they’re printed on the label after production. There is always a different date between printing the label (for a batch of 100,000 for example) and the printing of the actual production batch numbers and verification (in batches of 1000 for example). In numerous cases, with fake products, numbers are printed on the label at the same time as the label is printed.
You can also check the vials of injectable steroids, by checking that the level of liquid is the same in all vials. In fake production, the level of liquid will not be uniform across all vials.
It’s almost incredible, but there are often also spelling mistakes or typing errors on the labels of fake products. Pay particular attention to the labels and packaging.
It’s more and more difficult to recognise a fake product, and that’s why we advise to check the authenticity of products on laboratory sites, which will allow you to be 100% sure that the products purchased on our site are an original product, guaranteed by the brand.

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