How can I find reliable information about steroids ?

Information is key for safe and effective use of steroids, so it’s worth paying particular attention to this. The information needs to come from a reliable and competent source. Numerous fitness enthusiasts begin a course based only the advice of a friend, but all too often the information is based only on anecdotes with little foundation in reality. It’s also important to realise that the understanding of steroids in the medical community is variable from one specialist to another. Some have excellent information (sports physicians in particular) and others have information that’s too general and have an outdated perspective. Be sure to get your information from a true specialist with the necessary studies and history in the topic. With more than 10 years of experience in taking anabolic steroids, 5 years of sport at a high level, our dietary specialist can provide courses customised to your needs and can advise you on every step in taking anabolic steroids.

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