Delivery “Express, Guaranteed”


Only 5% of the total order amount

The expedition Guarantee* is a secure delivery 100% guaranteed available for the whole world.Thanks to this system, you benefit from a secure delivery in 7 15 working days on average.

95% of our customers trust our insurance

The warranty protects you against breakage, loss or seizure of your package by customs.

If all or part of your order is missing, broken or seized at customs, we will send you your order free of charge (1 maximum re-sending).

We will send you your tracking number immediately after sending your package and you can track your package via the carrier's website (we will send you all the information by email with your tracking number).

*The insurance does not cover the return if:

  • You are mistaken in the delivery address.
  • If the package stays too long at the post office although we warned you to go and get it.
  • The non-delivery of the package is due to your responsibility.
  • If you do not provide us with a new address and a new name for the return of the order.
  • The insurance entitles 1 to return the order, not a refund.
  • Returns are made 1 times a month.

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