How to pay my order with RIA?

Payment with RIA

RIA is a world leader in the international transfer service. We chose RIA because the payments are fast and confidential.

With Western Union and Moneygram, RIA is one of the best known money transfer operators.

  • Transfer times are fast as long as you choose the cash transfer.
  • Positive user reviews suggest "effective and practical" transfers.
  • Ria is a secure operator that guarantees you a refund in case of problem with the transfer.


After placing your order, you benefit from a beneficiary to pay for your order.

Please use the payment information available on the order confirmation page.

If you want to access these new payment information after submitting your order, please visit ACCOUNT and click "Set command". Thank you again to validate your order and you will be back to the last valid payment information.

  • European valid recipient for a period of 5 days from the order on the site.
  • Beneficiary single use: do not reuse the same beneficiary having already paid a command with it.
  • If you pay with € (Euro), please ask that the beneficiary also receive € (Euro).
  • Be careful not to make a lower transfer à 50 € (minimum accepted).
  • Fore more information:

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