How to pay my order with ZELLE?

Zelle is fast, safe and easy to get your money through your trusted banking application - or the Zelle app if your bank does not currently offer Zelle.

NO minimum payment required.
Only available for USA. In order for this payment option to appear on the checkout page, you must select United States (US) as the shipping country. Then the Zelle payment will be offered

Fees for Zelle payments are + 9% of the total of your order.
Please do not contact Zelle, for any reason. Please contact our customer service directly for any questions or help.
Where to start?
Start by ordering on our site. On the payment page, please enter your shipping address.
Then confirm your order and you will be automatically redirected to the payment page where we will give the information of our account Zelle (email) for payment.

Then register with ZELLE and pay for your order at the address sent. Once you have made the payment, thanks to fill the confirmation form on line:

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